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March 2, 1896 marked a grand victory in Africa's struggle for independence from European colonization. Ethiopia defeated Italy to remain an independent nation in the epic Battle of Adwa. "Zerraf!" was the battlecry that inspired resistance and freedom. "Zerraf" is pronounced |zuhr-rah-f|.



The desire to be independent was the objective that motivated the launch of Starting "something" was the first step. We wanted to construct our own space for creative production (design, fashion and multimedia) and turned a few old ideas from high school into a new business venture. Like most, we don't always enjoy the 9 to 5 grind, so we decided to channel that unhappiness into something we could be proud of by making a small investment in ourselves. We wanted to create a lane to command our talents for our benefit. In time, we hope will grow into one of our greatest creations as the company expands its product development. Acting on higher thought and betting on yourself is what the Zerraf! brand represents.



Zerraf! signifies independence: socially, mentally, financially or otherwise. The ability to dictate how your day is spent. The state of being free from a job if you so choose. Creating space to do what you love on your own time and truly benefiting from the fruits of your labor. Zerraf! honors and respects those that came before us and challenged the status quo in their own way. Zerraf! is those that had the courage to fight for independence, stand for higher principles and embody their ideology.


Illustration of the epic Battle of Adwa (March 2, 1896)

Be uncompromising in your quest for independence
— Zerraf! LLC

Our products are inspired by African cultural tradition and modern trends. We pay the utmost attention to detail, emphasize excellent production quality and personify brand exclusivity, while catering to consumer fashion interests.